Two guides To ArcheAge fishing

archeage4gold Date: Jun/24/14 16:12:50 Views: 832



Fishing, a really dumb waste of time in many MMOs, is actually interesting and important in ArcheAge.

It's a big enough deal that I've got not one, but two ArcheAge fishing guides for you.
The first, from Pohx Kappa, is a video guide. Pohx spends nearly 17 minutes detailing what there is to know about fishing. Pohx's channel is one of the best ArcheAge gameplay channels, so give him a subscription.
If you'd rather read your info, Isarii has penned an also useful and comprehensive intro fishing guide, which can be found here.
Isarii sums up why ArcheAge players get enthusiastic about fishing very well.

One other thing about fishing in ArcheAge to remember is it's a great way to get trolled or ganked. Pirates love to take your fish, but even in simple AFK fishing people will mess with your character by pushing you out into hostile waters and other mean tricks. One user's solution was to play it safe by hiding in a bungalow.