Tips for Buy Pokemon Accounts Online

archeage4gold Date: Sep/13/16 10:17:15 Views: 949

This Purchase Notice is used to help customers who want to Buy Pokemon Go Accounts at, which every one of you should follow. We emphasize two parts in this statement, so please spare several minutes to read carefully. Thank you for all the patience.



1.Check the Account’s Details right after you have received it

(1)Log in account with the Username and Password from Pokemonbux as soon as possible after you have received it. Please note that you can Copy and Paste the Username, but do not Copy and Paste the Password so that you can successfully login.

(2)Make a Character for your account to check if the Pokemons and StarDusts are as the same as we described on our website or not. If not, please make a Screenshot of the info and send it to our customer reps to get verified, and we will offer you a new account or tell the boosters to boost it continually until it meets the requirement.

2.Set your New Pokemon Go Account’s Information after Step1 has been completed

(1)After you have check your account and nothing is out of the way, you should visit Pokemon Trainer Club website (
to Set New Email, Password, Player ID, Screen Name, so that you can better protect your account’s security. Note that the Username cannot be changed. Please follow this guide to know how to set account’s information: What You Should Do After Receiving Pokemon Go Account from Pokemonbux.

(2)But now the Pokemon Trainer Club website is under maintenance and is not available, which means that nobody can change his pokemon account’s information. You should still pay attention to this site because it may work sometime. Please rest assured that you are the only owner of the account because we will never give/sell your account to others and we will never play your account by ourselves.