Thousands of illegal accounts have been banned from Alpha

archeage4gold Date: Jun/27/14 14:28:19 Views: 861


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In the latest forum post, Scapes, the Community Manager for ArcheAge announced that thousands of illegal accounts have been banned from Alpha (some of them can be found in the picture above). Over 16.000 accounts that were purchased using suspicious funds and have been used to either bot for gold or to spam and advertise various Archeage gold selling sites were removed.

As you know, this is a never ending war, but Scapes said that with the upcoming Patch 1.2 that will arrive on the Alpha servers (one more server will be opened) next week, the Support Team "will have even more tools in their arsenal to fight malicious botters, spammers, and other general asshats. is worthy of the trust of the players, we trusted. So, you can be a hundred percent trust. Good luck.