The guide for Shadowplay of ArcheAge Skill Set

archeage4gold Date: Jun/24/14 15:59:32 Views: 1036

In ArcheAge, Shadowplay is the staple skill set for rogue or assassin type builds. Both of characters currently use the Shadowplay skill set as the second skill set. Shadowplay contains a mix of mobility, stealth, melee and ranged abilities. This skill set complements Physical Damage skill sets such as Archery and Battlerage. Here we will list all the skills of Shadowplay and what they do. I'll split the lists up between active skills and passive skills to make the list easier to read.

Active Skills:

These are your attacks, heals, or defensive abilities depending on the skill set.


Rapid Strike: Slashes an enemy repeatedly, dealing Physical Damage. Has a chance to generate additional Bloodthirst. Marks the target with each hit; 10 stacks inflict a debuff. Increases Critical Rate by 50%.
Overwhelm: Triggers a leap towards an enemy that deals Physical Damage and stacks 1 Bloodthirst upon landing. Also stuns the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Can't use while snared.
Drop Back: Triggers a backwards leap to escape a dangerous area or back away from an enemy. Eleminates the Cast Time for Flamebolt, Earthen Grip (Witchcraft), and Sunder Earth (Battlerage) for 2.5 seconds. Can't be used while snared.
Wallop: Launches four attacks in quick succession dealing Physical Damage. Accumulates Bloodthirst for every hit.
Endless Arrows: Fires arrows that deal 60% of Ranged Attack as damage, with a chance of generating Bloodthirst. Damage decreases by 20% if target is within 8 meters.
Stealth: Prevents enemies from seeing you. Any actions other than moving will cause Stealth to end. Decreases Move Speed ​​by 30%.
Toxic Shot: Fires a toxic arrow dealing Ranged Damage, and Poison Damage over 4 seconds. Damage is reduced by 20% if target is within 8 meters.
Pin Down: Pins an enemy to the ground dealing Physical Damage. Direct hits stack up to 6 Bloodthirst.
Shadowsmite: Launches a surprise attack, dealing damage equal to 90x your stacked Bloodthirst and Shackling target for 5 seconds. Backstabbing adds Physical Damage equal to 750% of Melee Attack.
Freerunner: Increases Move Speed ​​by 35% and Agility by 160%. Grants immunity to Poison while in effect. Lasts 30 seconds.
Shadowstep: Teleports caster behind an ally or enemy, reducing Aggro by 50% for 15 seconds. Also increases Move Speed ​​by 50% for 3 seconds and has a 50% chance to reset it's cooldown.

Passive Skills:

Passive skills require a certain amount of skill points used within the set to allow point allocation into them. Passive skills buff the skill set once you unlock them, allowing for easier combat. In addition to the skill's effect, I'll list how many spent points are needed before you can allocate points to the passive skill.


Evasive Counterstrike: Launches a counterattack and accumulates 5 Bloodthirst after a successful Melee Evasion. (Requires 2 points spent in Shadowplay.)
Consecutive Evasion: Increases Melee Evasion by 16% for 7 seconds after a successful Evasion against melee attacks. This effect does not stack. (Requires 3 points spent in Shadowplay.)
Disregard: Permanently decreases Aggro generation by 15%. (Requires 5 points spent in Shadowplay.)
Piercing: Increases the critical chance by 4% for 8 seconds after a successful Melee or Ranged Critical hit. Stacks up to 3 times. (Requires 6 points spent in Shadowplay.)
Bloodthirst Intensified: Increases accumulated Bloodthirst by 2 times. (Requires 7 points spent in Shadowplay.)

We hope this gives a clear view of what the Shadowplay skill set offers your build.