The detail analysis of ArcheAge trading guide

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ArcheAge Trading

Trading in ArcheAge is to craft a trade pack in one place, then transfer it to another place to make ArcheAge gold. The trading goods are regional specialty. Each region in game with a trading outpost boasts specialty goods that may be constructed only in that region. Here are some introduction.

Collecting materials
Crafting regional specialty needs some materials. You can get the materials by collecting, lumbering, or through the Auction House. After you get enough materials, you need to buy a specialty quality assessment item and make the materials into regional specialty on specific crafting tables. It requires various professions to collect all the materials.

Making specialty
After you collect enough materials, you can make specialty on specific crafting tables. Different specialty needs to be produced on different tables. After press "F" on specialty table, you can choose a corresponding item to make the specialty.

Once the regional specialty is completed, your character will carry the specialty goods (trade pack) automatically. It will slow you down and you may be attacked by other players who want to rob you of the trade pack. You can also use a mount, carriage, airship, etc. If you are riding on a mount during transportation, you can use mount skills. But if you are riding on another player's mount, the mount skills are available.
If you put the regional specialty goods (trade pack) on the ground, other players are able to pick and carry the pack on back. If your character dies during the transportation, the trade pack will be dropped automatically and other players can get it. If you choose the trade route on sea, you need to make sure that it is a safe route before you sail off.

Choosing a trade route
Trade pack can only be traded at a specific location. According to the distance between the destination trade NPC and the place of departure, you will receive different rewards. The longer distance you travel the better rewards you will get. The rewards also have something to do with the security level of the destination and the place of departure. Conservation area trade has lower price, neutral zone trade has higher price, and sea area trade has the highest price.
Overseas trading is risky, but the rewards are great. It is good to choose an overseas trade route if you pick a safe route. Your ship may be destroyed by strong bosses in sea, some pirates or even some players may rob you.

After the trade route is confirmed, you need to know the location of the delivery trade NPC. Trade NPCs locate in villages and cities on Western and Eastern continents as well as on free islands. You will get ArcheAge gold of choice from them.

The trade NPCs will give you certain rewards according to the distance you travel, region security level, rate of inflation and more. You can choose to receive ArcheAge gold as rewards.