The Best ArcheAge Archer in Noval Combat

archeage4gold Date: Sep/21/14 12:58:22 Views: 1134

If you want to level your class up quickly, or you like PVP in sea, ArcheAge archer is the good choice. Actually, archer is the most popular class in the game world. Equipped with good ArcheAge weapons and armors, archer can deal high DPS.

ArcheAge DPS

For the archer class, Archery is the essential skill set. All of archer builds are based on Archery skills.

Archery - This path of development will make the hero a skilled archer and ranger.

The shadowplay skill set is necessary for ArcherAge archer as well. Many of archer builds adopt Archery + Shadowplay. The last skill set is selected depending on you.

Archery + Shadowplay + Defense
Archer has nice survivability in battle. With the skill set Defense, the class will be stronger survivability when the class fights against melee enemies with physical damage. However, the disadvantage of this build is lacks of mobility. And archer in the build is easily killed by mages. In all, this build is suitable to PVP.

Archery + Shadowplay + Auramancy
This build has high mobility and high anti CC. which is good skill set combination in naval combat. But this build lacks of defense. Therefore, you are carefully to avoid damage from enemies in battle.

Archery + Shadowplay + Vitalism
Because of the Vitalism skills, archer is able to have healing spells, which is beneficial to self and allies. This build is popular for players who like PVE.