Inheritors and Savior of ArcheAge

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When you start to play the game and earn ArcheAge Gold, you may first read the story about the magic land. In thousands of years ago, multiple races have been in the mainland to create a glorious era; this is an era of gods and heroes. In this age, Ileana Nimes became the goddess of the underworld. When she was in charge of the underworld, she has the character of gentleness docile, to have a deep love for the people of all ethnic groups. But soon, the war between gods and heroes broke out, the ethnic drift from place to place, energy depletion and even to the mainland to the brink of destruction. All of her life to the bitterness of the dead goddess of suffering shed tears of compassion for the race, the moment of destruction in the mainland, she used up all his strength to open the connection in the new gate of the underworld, therefore all races finish all migration at the last moment. Nooyi goddess died due to run out of power.

To commemorate the great goddess, the new continent was named Nuians continent, one from human also claim to be for the people of the goddess of the underworld from now on, described themselves as Nuians race. Nuians race also guarding the gates of the underworld with their loyalty, to carry out the doctrine of the underworld goddess.

Races that fled from the west mainland caused a great migration in ancient centuries. Each race for survivors to travel to a new continent to open a new life, and formed the starting point of the game, survivors have never forgotten the original continent, return to the once glorious land, almost is the wish of all race, as well as one of the goals of the players. Now, you get the real goal of the game in addition to get cheap ArcheAge Gold.

After thousands of years, due to each race's greed and resources depletion, war at a simmer once again. At this time, it was found that the original mainland fragments, fragments recorded the original mainland everything that has happened before. In order to save the world, and find the truth of the thousands of years ago, the warriors are once again set foot on the journey.

Games starting point of the ArcheAge is began from the vast heavy world view.