How to Get Your First ArcheAge Mount

archeage4gold Date: Jul/07/14 13:49:01 Views: 1349

Mounts are our good friends in any MMORPG game, and it is the same in ArcheAge. Various mounts available to you to explore the huge ArcheAge world and to make you faster to desired locations. At the same time, they act also like a "pet" to accompany you. In ArcheAge, you can get the mounts by doing the quest or going specified NPC to buy them.


OK, today I will introduce to you how to get the first mount by doing ArcheAge quest. First, you will get a mount quest when you are level 6, for example Elk mount.




Completed the dialogue with NPC will give you a Elk Calf, then you just open your bag and use it. There is a young Elk will appear on the ground, then you feed it with Apples, it will grow after some time.


ArcheAge 1


The second feed needs some water, go to get water in the nearby well.


ArcheAge 12


After feed water to Elk, congratulation, this mount quest you have completed and get your first mount! You can put you mount in your key bar, when summon it, click (?) know more about your mount information even the mount skills. What's more, there are 3 items you can equip, want to get these mount equipments to improve your mount stats, you can buy them by ArcheAge stores or other ways.




There are not many number of mounts in ArcheAge, but some mount/pet skills are very rare. Such as the Rabbit mount, buy and keep it in own ground, you will get the black spotted rabbit after this rabbit pregnant, which will has a accelerated skill compare other mounts. Here you should know the mount's breeding system, it is not a real breeding system, just a series of quests needed to complete from getting the baby mount to raising it up. Of course, different mounts has different skills, some mounts can run fastly and some mounts has strong capacity, Donkey mount is your best choice if you want to transport goods.


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