How to Get the Scarecrow Farm in ArcheAge

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We all know the planting has a big proportion in ArcheAge online game, many materials are needed to get through the planting. Planting is divided into two types, Farm and Wild. The difference is that other players can collect and cut if you planting in the wild, while can not gathering by other players if you planting in the farm. So how to planting the trees, feeding animals and others on the farm you need know.

Just need a Scarecrow you have a piece of land on the farm, then you can planting on your land, so the planting key is how to get the Scarecrow in ArcheAge.

After your character up to level 12, you would receive the ArcheAge Scarecrow Quest, but you need complete below similar quests first.

You should complete all the quests in NPC (like this NPC who has a plant on his head) before you can get the scarecrow quest. General process as follows:


AA 18

The quest will need you plant some plants on the public farms. First maybe you need to buy some seeds, and plant into ground, then need watering. Fetching water in the nearby wells if you have no water. Your quest would be completed after gathering your pants. Next, there are some dialogue quests, congratulation, you would get the Scarecrow after finished these dialogue.


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Next, go and find a best 8*8 land to plant, then plug in your scarecrow. Using the reward of wood which you complete the quest to upgrade your scarecrow. OK, you have one of your own land now! Note: each character just only have a scarecrow, and you have a chance to get a pumpkin head scarecrow in later quests, the planting arear also larger than the scarecrow.



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