Europe ArcheAge beta program will be started in July

archeage4gold Date: Jul/06/14 15:41:41 Views: 817




Until the end of July have to hope for access to the events of the closed beta of ArcheAge fans from mid. The development team has officially confirmed that Europe ArcheAge beta program will be started in July and giveaways are planned.

So far, it was a costly affair if you wanted to test in this country the fantasy MMORPG ArcheAge. Up to 150 € currently cost the founders packets that a grant access to the game. This is changing, however, very soon, because in the next few weeks the closed beta will start. Additions are distributed to owners of the founders packages, giveaways and contests for all other players but also give it.

The closed beta will not be available at a time, but consists of several events, which will run for a few days. Case runs all good, the Open Beta will start soon - this may then everybody play. At the start of the Head-offs and the final release, all earned progress will be deleted. Will launch the release version of ArcheAge scheduled later this year.