Civilization online: ArcheAge be the lasting world

archeage4gold Date: Jan/10/15 03:01:35 Views: 759

Civilization online, a Korea-XL-games, MMO will have elements of MMOs though, but not the 

persistent, existing world, connecting them with an MMO.XLGames works to a civilization online.

In contrast to the strategy series by Firaxis the player but not in a God-same position steer

the fortunes of his people will be only a part of the transmission, which lubricates the world axis.


In an interview with the US side the developer XLGames explained that civilization online is 

indeed a MMO, but it is not a direct "descendant" of ArcheAge, its first MMO. What is 

special about CIV online will be the so-called "session"play. Completed games are played, 

ending with either a loss or a sense of achievement for the player.


SID Meyer was the project very fond, it is called XLGames, and you work together with 2 k 

and T2, to advance the civilization franchise.


The player can either contribute in Civ online as a "Fighter" or "Non-combatants" to the 

success of his group. He easily can go between the different classes and switch. There is 

not a housing in the sense, but it is a "big project", which belongs to everyone. Although 

you will be offered in Civ online quests, but long did not the dimensions in a world of 

Warcraft. Resources such as wool or gold could be earned in PvE. It is however not necessary 

to participate.


Mentioned on ArcheAge, the developers reply that you learned a lot from the difficult start 

of ArcheAge and with ArcheAge a fan base have built up, love the game and as a company 

supported XLGames.


After the great success of the first closed beta phase in Korea had other Publisher at 

XLGames asked how it look with a port to other countries. XLGames would like to concentrate 

on the domestic market but for now and later in the year to discuss a possible port (in the 



My MMO says: targeting XLGames seems like you can apprehend amid the lines, not necessarily 

MMO or MMORPG gamers, but you would like to accessible up rather acculturation fans, turn-

based action players and accompany such accidental Facebook amateur as a new ambition group, 

who feel added beat by the amount mechanics of MMORPGs.


This is a trend that some accept foreseen. Kind of a "MMOifizierung" of the bold market, 

back an MMO with connected monetization for abounding developers is a awful advantageous 

business model. We'll see how the bold develops. We are face probably, if at all, alone in 

the West in a few years so.