ArcheAge - The Red Dragon will arrive on the Russian version

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Red Dragon

About the Red Dragon that will soon arrive on the Russian version of ArcheAge.

XLGames created this gigantic level 50 fantasy beast, based on the "Lord of the Rings" novel. As thousands of years have passed since the powerful race of the dragons swarm freely, most of them have grown old and lost their strength, but there are some, including Gartareyn that still have hope to return their race to the former glory and greatness.

This monster will be found inside his lair, somewhere around Dragons Cemetery and you will need a massive raid force in order to slay him. For summoning this boss, you will need a unique item that can be crafted at a special machine. As for materials you will have to gather Delphic coins, Tears Nui and trophies that can be obtained by killing other 3 monsters.

You should be prepared for a long battle that will take place both on land and in the air, as the Red Dragon have more then 1 million points of life. During the fight you will also need to use a special harpoon.

From the extracted scales and wings, players will be able to craft beautiful costumes, three types of jewelery and royal armors, gaining great bonuses for their character.

This dragon is not part of the ArcheAge 1.2 Update that will soon arrive on the NA servers. Please visit the official site.