ArcheAge launching with patch 1.2

archeage4gold Date: Jun/23/14 11:49:30 Views: 1112


Trion has announced that it will launch ArcheAge with XLGAMES' 1.2 patch already applied. Trion community manager Evan "Scapes" Berman explains on the game's North American forums.

Initially released in Korea, [the 1.0] update has been the source of no small amount of concern from our ArcheAge community since we announced the game was coming to North America and Europe. Upon seeing the behavior of the patch's changes in the wild, the game's developer, XLGAMES, agreed that ArcheAge's balance and feel had shifted in an unintentional direction. Behind the scenes, we've been carefully following public feedback over the past few months, and had a chance to exhaustively test out the update on our own internal servers. While there are a number of gameplay improvements, we agree with their conclusion.
Both Trion Worlds and XLGAMES are eager to maintain the game's sandbox nature.

Berman goes on to say that 1.2 adds over 70,000 words to translate, which will shift ArcheAge's beta schedule "by a few weeks.