ArcheAge Housing System and help you build house easy

archeage4gold Date: Jul/15/14 10:39:29 Views: 1222

How could you without a house in Archeage? No matter to craft weapon and armor during the later, or raise pets and plant that all need house. There are two different styles in housing and are both available to all players. Today, we are glad to introduce the ArcheAge Housing System and help you build house easy.

ArcheAge House

To start build house, you should prepare several things:
1. The blueprint for the house
2. A plot of land you can build on
3. Building Materials

You can purchase Blueprint from Mirage Isle. The two different house style has two locations to sell blueprints which are Nuian Style and Haranya Style. To buy Blueprint you can enough Gilda Stars. Different house has different price, the expensive house is more luxury as well as need more materials and currency. Go up to the model of you like to choose, click "F" button that you can buy the blueprint. You will find it in the backpack.

Plot of Land
You can build a house anywhere on the map that is designated for farms. There are special areas in certain zones that only allow houses, or allow certain types of houses.

Building Materials
Three kinds of materials you should prepare, Stone Bundle, Iron Bundle and Lumber Bundle. Different houses need different amount of materials, so how to get these materials easy? Keep in mind that the materials will lose if you are attracted by other players. And the moving speed becomes very slow even ride a mount when you carrying the materials. So you may need to think about attach the teleport skill which costs 10 Archeage Gold.