ArcheAge Hottest Class- Blighter Skill Set

archeage4gold Date: Sep/21/14 13:09:00 Views: 1011

A brief introduction about the hottest class named Blighter in ArcheAge. My skill choices are Battlerage, Defense and Shadowplay.

The Blighter is popular with beginner in ArcheAge, because the skill set is quite simple and clear. All skills picked up are something to do with melee, evasion and critical.

The following is my skill set.

AA Blighter

As you can see on the picture, most skills belong to the controlling skills. Generally speaking, the controlling skill is really quite important. If you do not put the controlling skills to use well, you will hard to win in the fighting.

The class identification: melee, assassin.
Advantage: high critical, survivability, strong chain skills.
Disadvantage: poor counter ability.

Key Skills Analysis

Triple Slash: is the fundamental damage output. It is generally regarded as the normal skill. Collocated with another skill, it will make enemies tripled instantly.
Charge: You can launch a rush to the foes. At the same time, you can use most skills except for escape and crosscut. After rush, Triple slash will make foes tripled.
Whirlwind Slash: A AOE skill. The skill is available after level 15. the attacking area is not big. You can collocate with sunder earth to let the foes crippled.
Lasso: Do not use the skill in the early period. The skill is quite OP in the PK and dungeon. You can pull a enemy and disrupt their formation. It is really good to use.
Precision Strike: high critical strike damage. As long as you are a melee character, the skill is a necessity.
Tiger Strike: The skill contributes to the hunt down.