ArcheAge Guides - Leveling Mounts

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Our site has introduced: "How to Get Your First ArcheAge Mount". Then, leveling your mounts.

Mounts have their own level system and in order to keep them gaining XP quickly, they must be summoned while you are killing the mobs. But please remember deeply your mounts will not get any XP when you turns your quests, nor from gathering or crafting items. Therefore you have to take care of your mounts and keep them far away from the potential risks, since they can die easily and lose their XP.

Mounts are getting XP from the distance they travel, they are not getting a single XP from killing mobs, battle pets are getting their XP from killing mobs. Also many players said to me that their mounts were getting XP while they were out and they were killing mobs, well thats because they had to run from mob to mob and the mount kept following them so they "traveled a distance". Many players were leveling the mounts by putting heavy items on WD keys to keep them pressed while riding them, and go AFK while their mounts keep running in circles.




Like other MMOs every live in the game has relative HP, after it is over, the live is over. The most stupid and simple way is to unsummon your mount fast and resummon them again after the danger is over. If god is not on your side you can temporary resurrect it, but it will have only 1 HP and will run slower than before. As the old saying goes, where there is problem, there is solution. You can lead you mounts to the NPCs near the stable and review your mount under some cost. The only place you can review your mount is on the starting continents, but not north continents. If you are rich you can buy some items from the stable NPCs to regenerate your mounts.

But there are two ways to gain XP which are different from current MMOs. Moving your mounts can also improve their XP, although it is a little boring that you have to move your pets consequently with your shortage two hands. And another way is just running near by the horsekeeper and leading his direction.

1 Sharing the victory of mobs with you
2 Moving some certain distance.
3 The one near horsekeeper and lead him can get more XP