Archeage Guide with Easy Underwater Breathing Device

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Do you wish to accept this accessory to access the bulk of time you can abide underwater? In the Archeage, there are lots of abstruseness and amazing hidden adventure we accept never experienced. Today, we would like to analyze the abyss of the ocean in Archeage.


If you adore the action underwater, again you absolutely charge a Archeage Underwater Breathing Device as you can see which can access the time of actual underwater. Do argosy battlers, scouting, underwater abundance hunting all can be used. How to accomplish the Underwater Breathing Accessory easy? You charge to complete 8 adventure alternation underwater. After you dead 8 underwater mini bang-up Ghosts and aggregate 8 items, again delivered them to NPCs advance about the apple both in Haranya and Nuia.



Step 1.Make a Sextant and build a team with some friends


To make a Sextant you need:


1 Star Chart (1g at the General Merchant)

5 Starshard Ingots (7g on AH)

2 Iron Ingots (cheap)


Having a sextant ability advice you,you can body one at an achievement station.The Sextant allows you to admeasurement your bounded position based on the area of the age-old city-limits of Delphinad, which was already Auroria's capital. During this adventure you will be angry two brilliant mobs with 82k hp. To body a aggregation with some friends, anniversary of the 8 tiny apple administration bead a adventure and a memo. Aggregate and bear them all to get 8 locations of the UBA.


The location of the “Ghost”


1.Alex W 8′ 59″ S 19′ 33″

2.Dalgru W 6′ 03″ S 18′ 22″

3. Fyr’s W 3′ 29″ S 16’27”

4.Marum W 4′ 05″ S 13′ 56″

5.Alonso W 4′ 43″ S 9′ 38″

6.Redish W 0′ 06″ S 11′ 17″

7.Urshur E 4′ 49″ S 7′ 39″

8.Bulgari E 4′ 16″ S 5′ 18″



Step 2. All aboard, here we go!


Ghost Alex

Dalgru the Shade

Ghost Fyre

Ghost Marum

Ghost of Alonso

Ghost of Redish

Ghost of Urshur

Bulgari the Reaper


After you have completed all 8 quests and collected items, it is time to deliver them.


One Last Apology – Ghost of Fyre

A Fruitless Search  - Ghost of Bulgari

A Dream Denied - Ghost of Urshr

A Captain’s Dream - Ghost of Alonso

The Unrepentant Pirate - Ghost of Marum

A Labor of Love - Ghost of Alex

A Doomed Voyage - Ghost of Redish

Lost at Sea - Ghost of Dalgru