ArcheAge Comprehensive Crafting Guide

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It is known to all that ArcheAge is famous for its very huge and interesting crafting system. If you are tired of traditional battles, sieges and dungeons the game offers you to relax building houses or crafting items. You can create a lot of beneficial things. Products of crafting are very helpful during the game. Want to build a ship? No problem, just get the resources.



The general difference between crafting in ArcheAge and crafting in other MMO games is that AA allows players not only gather resources but also generate them. Player can plant a tree and gather apples from it later. That’s amazing.

In most MMO games crafting is only about creating new gear and potions. In ArcheAge you can not only create small items but also build houses, castles, walls, big and small ships and so on. The greatest thing is that these objects are really useful in the game. For example a ship allows you to travel by the sea with your friends and explore underwater territory!

Crafting Professions



Leveling Professions
Each profession has 5 ranks (levels) defined in points. The maximum number of points is 50 000 for each profession. You earn points for every action of a definite profession.

When you reach the required amount of points for advancing to the next level you will see up and down arrows next to the name of the profession. The “Up” arrow allow you to advance to the next rank if you wish. NOTE: you can’t level all professions in ArcheAge up to the highest possible level. There are restrictions. There are 21 professions right now and each player can advance up to 5 of them to Apprentice rank, from which 4 can be Journeyman rank, from which 3 can be Expert rank, and from which only 2 can be leveled to the Master rank.

Benefits from Leveling
1.When you level up a profession you decrease labor consumption for all actions within that profession. It’s a great way to spend less labor power.
2.Sometimes new rank will give you new possibilities / recipes. For example you may be allowed to collect higher level resources or to use higher level items for crafting.
3.Your chance to gather rare resource / or craft rare item increases

There are many interesting professions. A character can become master only in 2 of them. That’s why trading and communication with other players is very important in ArcheAge.