ArcheAge closed beta coming this month

archeage4gold Date: Jul/02/14 11:49:49 Views: 834




ArcheAge originally came out in Korea in January last year and slowly but surely the game has been moving across the globe. The western beta was due to commence in late June/early July but was set back due to the implementation of patch 1.2 on the alpha version.

Publishers Trion Worlds are working to bring ArcheAge to the west and until recently access to the early alpha version of the game has been granted only by the purchase of a founders pack. Trion have now announced the closed Beta will begin later this month slowing allowing for access to the game for those who don't want to shell out as much as £109.99 to get at ArcheAge.

"With Alpha testing about to begin, we're glad to announce that Closed Beta Events will be starting in mid-to-late July." Trion announced. "These events will last three to five days each with access being granted by random invitation or purchase of a Founder's Pack. We'll be hosting invite giveaways in the coming weeks and will open up European servers during these events.

Following the closed beta and all access open beta phase will take place finally leading to the official launch of ArcheAge later this year. the game's beta has been somewhat delayed.